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Chico Hearing Aid Center Specializes in Digital and Open Fit Hearing Aids. Serving Chico and surrounding communities since 1949. At Chico Hearing Aid Center we are devoted to helping people achieve better hearing, so that once again they can ENJOY THE WORLD OF SOUND.
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Do you frequently ask people to repeat what they have said? Is it hard for you to follow conversations in busy public places? Does your spouse tell you “I told you that before” and you never heard it? Does your family tell you that the TV is too loud? These are all common signs of hearing loss and if you are experiencing any of these, you are not alone. 15% of Americans suffer from a hearing loss. Unfortunately many of them try to deny or cover up the problem. Fortunately most of them could be helped with one of today’s advanced digital hearing devices.


At Chico Hearing Aid Center we are devoted to helping people achieve better hearing, so that once again they can ENJOY THE WORLD OF SOUND. Don’t let hearing loss interfere with your enjoyment of life. Helen Keller said, “When you lose your vision, you lose contact with things. When you lose your hearing, you lose contact with people.” We want to help you stay connected. We have been “Changing lives through better hearing since 1949” and we would like to do the same for you. We offer FREE Hearing Examinations to see if you could benefit from hearing aids. Call us at 888-407-1103

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Each person has unique hearing ranges and abilities. Only through thorough testing can we determine what your hearing challenges are and what solution would be best for you. At Chico Hearing Aid Center, we offer FREE Hearing Examinations to determine if hearing aids will benefit you. During your appointment…..


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Our exclusive Flex:trial Program makes it easy to find out if you could benefit from hearing aids in a special “try before you buy” program. No upfront costs…No commitment…No risk. Simply schedule an appointment for a FREE hearing test to determine if hearing aids will…..


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Technology has made hearing aids immensely better, much smaller and more discreet than the hearing aids you may remember your Grandparent wore. Today’s hearing aids are advanced digital devices that can be programmed specifically for your hearing needs. We have hearing aids that are designed to work with…..


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