World Hearing Day – March 3
At Chico Hearing Aid Center we are devoted to helping people achieve better hearing, so that once again they can ENJOY THE WORLD OF SOUND. Don’t let hearing loss interfere with your enjoyment of life. Helen Keller said, “When you lose your vision, you lose contact with things When you lose your hearing, you lose contact with people.” We want to help you stay connected. We have been “Changing lives through better hearing since 1949” and we would like to do the same for you. We offer FREE Hearing Examinations to see if you could benefit from hearing aids.
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World Hearing Day – March 3

World Hearing Day – March 3

• At all life stages, communication and good hearing connect us to each other, our communities, and the world. Losing that connection can be isolating, depressing and even contribute to a decline in mental and physical health.

• A person is said to have hearing loss if they are not able to hear as well as someone with normal hearing which is 20 dB or better in both ears. 

• Most people with hearing loss can experience remarkable improvement by being fitted with hearing devices appropriate for their individual needs. For those who have hearing loss, appropriate and timely intervention and solutions can make a huge difference in their lives…facilitating access to education, employment and communication.

• Globally, there is lack of access to interventions to address hearing loss, such as hearing aids. The World Health Organization estimates that 6.1% of the world population is living with hearing loss. Chico Hearing Aid Center has joined with the International Hearing Society to help advance availability of intervention through the health systems.

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